Awake is a group of dedicated yoga teachers committed to bringing  yoga to the professional community. We believe consistent practice will not only improve physical well-being (and counteract the life-long effects of sitting at a desk all day) but has incredible potential for companies that value their human capital and rely on their talents to succeed.

Great employees are not machines, thank goodness! They are creative, emotional, energetic beings who may spend more time at work than they do with their families, or even sleeping. Our program of Vedic meditation, breath-work, and modern yoga movements will combat the phenomenon of presenteeism (at work, but out of it) and set the tone for a more mindful, innovative workplace. Check back to our blog for the latest research and press on the hard facts that are making yoga one of the fastest growing wellness trends on earth. 


AWAKECo. serves the greater Raleigh-Durham area. 


Sandra Malm, Founder | (919)424-6077